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CannaBronx is a bold, multi-strategy vehicle that was founded to ensure that the communities most impacted by the war on drugs are at the forefront of realizing equity and truly benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape New York’s cannabis industry from the ground up.

We believe in a future where the very community members who have been most impacted by the criminalization of marijuana can heal from generations of trauma and be at the front of the line to build community wealth, economic and immigrant justice, health, and beyond.
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CannaBronx believes in lifting up the voices of those most impacted in the Bronx to advocate to the city, state and federal government in developing the regulations that will inform the implementation of the emerging cannabis industry. You can find some of our recent mobilization work here:

Read this letter from a coalition of cannabis equity advocates to the New York State government sharing our assessment of what is needed to successfully and meaningfully implement the MRTA (Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act).

Read our official submitted comments to the New York State government in response to the New York State Office of Cannabis Management’s Proposed Regulations for Adult Use Cannabis.



Learn more about who we are, our values, and the communities we’re serving:
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Learn more about CannaBronx's journey in pioneering cannabis justice and how local heroes are weaving social justice, community resilience, and economic reform amidst New York's evolving cannabis industry:
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These reports by the Pratt Institute analyze socio-economic conditions in the South Bronx. Both recommend cannabis equity as a justice-driven development strategy and lay some of the foundation for CannaBronx:
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Watch CannaBronx CEO Kavita Pawria-Sanchez discuss the current state of the cannabis industry in the Bronx on BronxTalk:
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Read about CannaBronx's work on cannabis justice in the media:
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our journey
Photo Credit: Eddie Garcia Conde

our journey.

CannaBronx is the brainchild of Wanda Salaman, Executive Director of Mothers on the Move, a visionary leader in the Bronx for decades. For the last 5 years, Wanda has been working with many other leaders in the Bronx and beyond to advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis and envision a new future for community members who were incarcerated as part of the war on drugs, along with their families. Working with co-founders and community experts such as Siddhartha Sanchez, Taleigh Smith, Kavita Pawria-Sanchez and Rose DeStefano, we’ve built a foundation of partnerships with the community, cannabis industry, government agencies, regulators, academic institutions philanthropy, and advocates to develop real-world applications for our beloved Bronx. CannaBronx was founded in 2022.
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